Authors & Reviewers


The Science journals are widely respected for their high standards and selectivity. The team behind them is dedicated to publishing the best scientific research from all over the world, across all disciplines. The journals owe their success to the scientific community, who contribute as authors, reviewers, and editors, and provide groundbreaking research and insightful commentary. In exchange for their contributions, the Science journals promise to offer the following benefits:

  1. Scientific impact – Publishing with the Science journals can give authors’ work more exposure, making it more likely to be read, cited, and shared.
  2. Efficient handling – The Science journals are committed to publishing peer-reviewed scientific work as quickly as possible. With the help of dedicated editorial staff and a network of highly qualified reviewers, decisions on most submissions are reached within a few weeks, and papers are commonly published less than four months after submission.
  3. Outreach and visibility – The Science journals are supported by a strong press effort that aims to make important scientific findings and insights accessible to journalists and the public. Electronic distribution channels, such as social media, electronic newsletters, and RSS feeds, also help to keep the work published in the journals in front of interested individuals. The Science journals are also committed to making scientific content accessible to the developing world through their participation in programs such as HINARI AGORA and SciDevNet. Additionally, through Science Advances, the journals offer gold open access options for researchers who prefer this mode of dissemination.
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