Analyzing the Impact of Government-driven BIM adoption: Introducing the case of South Korea

Authors: Yelda Turkan

Journal: 38th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2021.

Keywords: BIM BIM Adoption BIM Implementation South Korea


Unlike What South Korea Have Accomplished In The Architecture, Engineering And Construction (AEC) Industry, Current Situation Of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Adoption In South Korea Is Still Challenging. To Identify The Impact Of Government-Driven Manners On BIM Adoption, This Study Presented The Status Of BIM Application In South Korea. First, BIM Adoption Plans From 2010 To 2020 Is Described In Chronological Order. Second, Statistical Data Of Public Projects From 2010 To 2020 Regarding BIM Application Is Presented And Analysis Based On The Relationship Between BIM Adoption Plans And Statistical Data Was Carried Out To Identify Drawbacks And Required Improvements Of BIM Adoption Plans. Third, Two Cases Of Incheon International Airport And Godeok Bridge Were Introduced To Represent The Actual Level Of BIM Application In South Korea. It Can Be Identified That 1) Mandatory BIM Adoption Is Not Effective For The Expansion Of BIM Implementation, 2) Current Adoption Plans Exclude Private Projects Which Have Greater Amount Than Public Projects And 3) Stakeholders In South Korea Have Competent Capacities Of BIM Despite Challenging Circumstances. Lastly, Implications To Improve Government-Driven BIM Adoption Were Addressed

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