Scientific Event Management

Improve research performance and strengthen research support Both researchers and institutions are under pressure to grow their research profile. ESRG provides you with deep, actionable insight into the most effective ways to increase publication impact.

Our simple toolkit can be used by all researchers, to manage communications across all channels, for all their publications. By helping them measure the effect of their efforts against a range of metrics, we’re mobilizing them to undertake more outreach, and helping you to leverage their expertise and networks.

We then provide you with reports and tools that uniquely enable you to understand, amplify and support researchers’ efforts to improve the performance of their work.

  • Maximize impact: Kudos has been shown to increase readership by 23% on average.
  • Mobilise researchers: Get beyond metrics-as-measurement, to metrics-as-motivation.
  • Support researchers: Provide more tailored guidance to help them communicate more efficiently.
  • Showcase the best: Acknowledge and amplify researchers’ communications.
  • Broaden audiences: Maximise engagement both within and beyond academia.
  • Streamline your support: Support more researchers and promote more research, with less resource.
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