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Emirates Scholar values your privacy and has a privacy statement that explains how they handle personal data, including what data is collected, used, shared, and transferred. The statement can be found at the bottom of every web page on the Emirates Scholar website and informs you of your rights and options concerning your personal information.

How we use personal data?

Emirates Scholar only collects personal data when necessary to provide products or services, carry out legitimate business operations, or comply with laws and regulations. The type of personal data collected and processed by Emirates Scholar may vary based on the individual’s relationship with the company.

  • Emirates Scholar website collects personal data such as contact information and login credentials for the following reasons: to establish and fulfil agreements with individuals or organisations, provide support and license activation tools, manage and complete orders, deliver products and services, monitor quality, offer access to customer portals and managed services, provide consulting, improve products and services, and comply with regulations.
  • Emirates Scholar collects personal data such as contact information, records of financial standing, and other relevant information (e.g. from public sources) to offer financial services like leasing, lending, and others, initiate credit approval, facilitate software purchases and sales, and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Emirates Scholar collects personal data like contact information, identification details, profile information, role, preferences, login credentials, and digital activity (e.g. from public sources) to engage in sales and marketing activities like cold calling/emailing, advertising, targeted campaigns, managing contacts and preferences, generating leads, organizing events, and participating in social media.
  • Emirates Scholar collects digital activity data through online tools to enhance the efficiency and usage of its websites, platform, and services, gather statistics to improve functionality, provide a better user experience by delivering customised content, and improve marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Online Forums and Surveys — contact details, login credentials, comments and feedback for the following main purposes: engaging with partners and suppliers in online forums; conducting customer satisfaction and engagement surveys.
  • The collection of contact information is used for conducting training and educational programs for customers, partners, and suppliers.
How we share personal data?

Emirates Scholar does not sell, rent, or lease personal data to third parties, except as specified in their Privacy Statement. Sharing or disclosing personal data may occur in certain situations.

The Emirates Scholar group of companies, with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and operations anywhere in the Gulf Country, may share personal data within the group as necessary for the purposes outlined in their Privacy Statement.

Disclosure to Third Parties. Emirates Scholar retains suppliers and service providers to manage or support its business operations, provide professional services, deliver products, services and customer solutions and to assist Emirates Scholar with marketing and sales communication initiatives. Those third parties may receive and process your personal data under appropriate instructions, as necessary to support and facilitate how we use your personal data. Suppliers and service providers are required by contract to keep confidential and secure the information they process on behalf of Emirates Scholar and may not use it for any purpose other than to carry out the services they are performing for Emirates Scholar.

  • We may provide personal data to authorized law enforcement and government agencies when legally required.
  • Comply with legal requirements, court orders, and subpoenas.
  • Protect the rights and assets of the company; or
  • To safeguard Emirates Scholar, its employees and third parties, and the use of Emirates Scholar assets, personal data may be shared in accordance with relevant laws to secure the rights and personal safety of all parties involved.

In certain situations, Emirates Scholar may decide to sell, purchase, merge or re-organize its businesses for various reasons. This could involve sharing personal data with potential buyers or receiving it from sellers. Emirates Scholar typically puts in place appropriate agreements to protect personal data during these types of transactions.

How we transfer personal data internationally and to third parties?

Emirates Scholar may transfer your personal information within its own company or to other third parties. These recipients may be located in countries with weaker data protection laws than your country. Emirates Scholar will ensure that the transferred personal data is protected as required by relevant laws. In cases where the local law requires it, Emirates Scholar will ask for your permission to transfer your personal data.

The Emirates Scholar Group of Companies has an agreement for transferring and processing personal data within the group. Emirates Scholar makes sure that any personal data from the Gulf Cooperation Councel (GCC) that is processed by Emirates Scholar companies outside the GCC is protected according to relevant data protection laws.

When transferring personal data to third parties in countries that do not have adequate data protection measures, Open iT will implement appropriate measures to ensure protection.


For the purpose of Emirates Scholar Data Privacy Compliance program, a third party external to Emirates Scholar is defined as any entity or individual that is not affiliated with the company.

How to manage communications and preferences?

Emirates Scholar may offer additional information related to our products and services, as well as updates on new offerings. If you or your organization have purchased from us, you may receive notifications, software upgrades, or support responses that are part of the product/service. If you opt-in to receive communications from Emirates Scholar, you can also choose to subscribe to specific newsletters and publications. In some instances, you may have the option to receive the information and communication via email, phone, or mail.

Adjusting Communication Preferences. You can modify your preferences for Emirates Scholar communications by going to the Communication Management Hub, entering your name and email, selecting your preferences, and clicking Submit.

It is important to note that these options do not cover communications related to order management, contracts, support, product safety warnings, or other necessary and transactional notices that have a primary non-promotional purpose.

How to contact us?

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, are concerned about how we handle your personal data, or want to report a potential privacy violation, please reach out to the Emirates Scholar Data Protection Officer or send us a letter at the provided address. We will keep your inquiries and complaints confidential. Our representative will respond to you promptly after receiving your complaint and work to resolve the issue in a timely and appropriate manner.

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