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Author Support Services

Speed up You’re Publishing and Research Cycle with Emirates Scholar Research Center Publishing!

At Emirates Scholar Research Center, we recognize the crucial role that well-prepared academic articles play in achieving recognition and making a substantial impact in the academic world. With this understanding, our Author Support Services have been meticulously designed to empower researchers, authors, and institutions with the essential tools and expertise required to elevate the quality and presentation of their research manuscripts.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner in the academic publishing journey, assisting you in accelerating the publication process, optimizing the chances of acceptance, and magnifying the overall impact of your scholarly work. We firmly believe that flawless presentation is paramount in academic publishing, as it directly influences the recognition and visibility of your research.

To ensure your research receives the recognition it truly deserves, we offer an array of manuscript preparation services tailored to cater to your unique needs. Our team of expert editors and specialists is dedicated to refining your manuscripts to adhere to the highest standards of academic excellence. With our support, your work will shine with unparalleled professionalism.

Our Services

  • Maximize Chances of Acceptance: Increase the likelihood of your manuscript being accepted through our advanced editorial support. Our team of expert specialists will take care of grammar, language, style, and consistency, ensuring your work shines.
  • Improve Research Cycle Speed: We provide simple, modern, and efficient tools to streamline manuscript submission, payment, and management processes. With rapid turn-around times and easy-to-use submission systems, your research moves forward seamlessly.
  • Enhance Quality and Quantity of Research Outputs: Our flexible portfolio of products and services, along with competitive pricing, allows you to produce high-quality research outputs while managing costs efficiently.

Editorial Services

  • Our editorial services are tailored to your needs, offering a comprehensive range of assistance:
  • Language and grammar check (spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • Style and consistency refinement
  • Logical flow optimization
  • Technical accuracy verification
  • Manuscript formatting
  • Clarity and coherence enhancement
  • Content improvement, eliminating repetition and redundancy
  • Maintaining an appropriate academic tone and style
  • Word count reduction upon request
  • Reference checking for consistency and adherence to journal styles
  • Cover letter editing

Other Editorial Services

In addition to the above, we offer various editorial services, including:

  • Abstract writing and editing
  • Cover letter writing and editing
  • Professional translation from Arabic to English
  • Grant proposal editing
  • Reference formatting

Other Services We Provide:

Scientific Review: Our experts, highly specialized in your subject area, conduct an extensive manuscript peer review. They assess the strength of your argument, coherency of reasoning, consistency of methodology, depth of literature review, quality of data analysis, and originality of your research.

Journal Selection: Increase your publication chances by letting our skilled team match your research with the most suitable journals. We’ll provide you with the top five journals that best align with your criteria, manuscript, and preferences.

Manuscript Submission: Our experts will format your manuscript according to the relevant journal’s house style, write a compelling cover letter, and set up online submission accounts, freeing you to focus on your next project.

With Emirates Scholar Research Center Publishing, accelerate your research impact and gain the recognition your hard work deserves. Let our expert services elevate your academic journey!

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