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ESRC: Elevating Global Journals through Open Access and Enhanced Visibility

At ESRC (Emirates Scholar Research Centre), we take pride in connecting verified and quality research papers to global directories, ensuring their indexing and promotion through reputable, peer-reviewed open access journals. Our core belief is that open access is the most sustainable and inclusive approach to scientific publishing in the future. Through our services, we aim to democratize the transition to open access worldwide, elevating the reputation and exposure of peer-reviewed open access journals from diverse countries and disciplines.

Features of ESRC

Service Driven by the UAE Community: ESRC is a service that stems from and is deeply rooted in the UAE community. With a strong reputation for promoting best practices and high standards, we are committed to empowering the global academic community.

Setting Industry Standards: At ESRC, we adhere to strict inclusion criteria, which have become the industry standard for assessing listed papers’ compliance with scholarly publishing norms. By ensuring the implementation of ethical and quality standards, we make research papers more appealing as publishing platforms.

Compliance Support: For authors seeking funding for open access publications, publishing in journals listed in global directories is often a requirement. ESRC provides valuable assistance to authors in meeting the compliance standards of various global efforts and programs.

Enhanced Visibility through Metadata: ESRC Metadata plays a crucial role in improving the visibility of research papers. Our freely available metadata can be easily incorporated into search engines and discovery services. This dissemination across the internet leads to increased exposure and accessibility of the published content.

Collaboration with Aggregators and Research Organizations: When you provide us with article metadata for your journal, we ensure its distribution to main aggregators and numerous research organization library portals. We make use of various tools, including widgets, RSS feeds, API, and other services, to maximize the reach of your content.

By partnering with global indexing partners, we drive more visitors to your journal’s website and offer your published material higher visibility. Journals accepted by ESRC typically witness a significant threefold boost in website traffic. Moreover, the improved visibility in search engines like Google enhances your journal’s discoverability and reach.

Join ESRC to Embrace Open Access and Amplify Your Journal’s Impact:

As the world moves towards an open access future, ESRC stands as a beacon of change and progress. By working with us, your journal becomes part of a movement that not only supports sustainable publishing practices but also ensures that research findings are accessible to a global audience. Through our commitment to excellence and inclusivity, we help you gain recognition, establish credibility, and increase the impact of your journal.

Let ESRC be your partner in the journey towards a more egalitarian and accessible academic publishing landscape. Together, we can forge a path that empowers researchers, elevates the quality of scholarly journals, and fosters collaboration across borders and disciplines. Embrace open access with ESRC and let your journal’s potential reach new heights. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and benefits of working with ESRC.

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