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Scientific Indexing

ESRC connect verified and listed papers to global directories to be indexed and promoted through quality, peer-reviewed open access journals.

We believe that open access is the only fully sustainable approach for scientific publishing in the future. ESRC aims to make the transition to open access more egalitarian around the world by enhancing the reputation and exposure of peer-reviewed open access journals from any country or discipline.


ERSC is a service driven by UAE community, with a reputation for promoting best practices and standards.

Our standards

Our fundamental inclusion criteria have established the industry standard for assessing an listed paper’s compliance with scholarly publishing norms. We assist in implementing a variety of ethical and quality standards, allowing research papers to become more appealing publishing platforms.


Authors seeking funding for open access publications are frequently required to publish in journals listed in global directories. ERSC helps authors publications comply with a variety of global efforts and programs.


ESRC Metadata is easily incorporated into search engines and discovery services since it is free for everyone to gather and utilize. It is then disseminated over the internet.

If you provide us article metadata for your journal, we’ll send it to all of the main aggregators as well as the numerous research organization library portals that utilize our widgets, RSS feeds, API, and other services.

Using global indexing partners, your journal is likely to boost visitors to your website and offer your published material more visibility. After being accepted by ESRC, a journal’s website generally sees a threefold boost in traffic. The visibility of your journal in search engines like Google will improve.

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