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Engaged Scholarship and Academic Industrialism The Making of the Academic Industrialist Thinking & Research with Impact – Looking at Risk Management Approaches in Leaders

Authors: Dr. Waddah Al Hashmi

Journal:  Emirati Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications

Volume: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords: Research; Engaged Scholarship; Academic Industrialist; Risk Management; Experiential Learning


This discussion paper explores the long-standing debate on the researcher-practitioner relationship and the value added from engaged research and scholarship. The rise in more engaged and action-based scholarship has become significant with respect to the contribution to research. In this paper we address some of the fundamental concepts in engaged scholarship, experiential learning and the role of hard science and practice coming together to deliver value. To illustrate, we give an example of working on this in the context of risk management thinking with managers and how this is approached by both the academic and the practitioner or manager. The role of field-based research where a direct interaction with data collection from industry through all methods must be better developed to help facilitate the speed needed yet maintain the right level of rigor and accuracy needed. The paper concludes with the conclusion that a great deal that can be gained from the effective symbiotic relationship between researchers who bring academic vigour and scientific authenticity to research and the practitioners who bring both practicality and application to research


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