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Authors: Vikranth Gundapuneni

Journal: 38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date: Nov 2021.

Keywords: Point-Cloud Quantity Estimation Progress Monitoring Mesh STL File Dynamo Revit


Progress Monitoring Is Key To Any Successful Project. Often This Is A Hectic Task That Involves Manpower In Preparing Daily Project Reports (DPRs) To Physically Monitor The Activities On Site. Recent Developments In The Fields Of Photogrammetry And Point Cloud Processing Techniques Have Laid A New Path In Using Point Clouds For Visualization And Progress Monitoring Of Projects. However, The Conversion Of Point Clouds To An Accessible BIM Format Is Still A Researchable Topic. Present Techniques Include Manually Creating Models By Visualizing The Point Cloud Which Is Still A Time-Consuming Task. This Paper Tries To Provide A New Methodology In Using Photogrammetric Point Clouds For Progress Monitoring With Very Little Manual Intervention. The Proposed Methodology Uses Revit’s Dynamo And Cloud Processing Techniques To Successfully Estimate The Progress And The Cost Of Activities On Site. This Method Effectively Uses The STL File Format As A Key To Convert Models And Compare The As-Built And As-Planned Models. Using This Method, We Were Able To Estimate The Progress Of Concreting Activities With 100% Accuracy And Estimate The Progress Of Masonry Wall Construction With 95% Accuracy.

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