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The Role of Popular Culture in social media on Millenniums’’ behaviors and social Identity

Authors: Dina Mohamed Younis

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Digital Art AND Media

Publication Date: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords:  Culture in social media, behaviors and social Identity


Popular culture is comprised of “mainstream” attitudes, beliefs, ideas, and images that are created by different media outlets ranging from print, television and the Internet. Popular culture is being greatly endorsed and promoted by the notion of globalization. Where it’s the idea that the world order is homogenous and harmonized. According to Hebdige, (2012) he defined popular culture as “a set of generally available artifacts: films, records, clothes, TV, programs, modes of transport, etc.” he argues that it is often known as market culture or mainstream culture. Due to the effect of Media globalization and popular culture, adolescents are being exposed – both negatively and positively- to numerous influential figures through radio, Internet, print media and television (Giles and Maltby 2003). At the peak of media globalization and with the rise of popular culture the phenomenon of celebrity culture has emerged (Gamson 1994; Holmes and Redmond 2006;).


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