International Annual Conference & Exhibition of Autism Challenges and Solutions Kicks off with Successful Workshop Sessions

The 11th edition of autism international conference kicked off yesterday, April 27th, with three successful workshop sessions. This annual event dedicated to raising awareness and promoting education about autism, which is being held at Beach Rotana in Abu Dhabi, is expected to draw in a large number of attendees from across the country and beyond.

The workshops were led by prominent experts in the field of autism and covered a wide range of topics including the latest research findings, effective treatment strategies, and educational approaches for individuals with autism. Participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions and learn from the presenters’ first-hand experiences and expertise.

The conference is continuing today and over the next two days, with a diverse range of presentations, keynote speeches, and panel discussions that will highlight the importance of autism awareness and its impact on individuals and families affected by the condition. It will also provide a platform for stakeholders to share their insights and best practices and collaborate towards a better future for individuals with autism.

The Autism Conference is a crucial event for individuals with autism, their families, and the wider community. It aims to raise awareness and promote education about the condition, dispel myths and misconceptions, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices. The conference provides an opportunity for individuals affected by autism to come together, connect, and learn from one another.

“We are proud to partner with the Autism Conference as an academic partner,” said Dr. Fawaz Habbal, the general director of Emirates Scholar. “At Emirates Scholar, we recognize the importance of creating opportunities for individuals with autism to succeed in their academic and personal lives. The Autism Conference provides a vital platform for sharing insights, best practices, and innovative approaches that can help improve the lives of individuals with autism.”


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