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ANRC Guidelines for Comprehensive Nutritional Support for Autism

Authors: Manan Alhakbany
Conference:  Autism Challenges and Solutions – XII 2024
Keywords: self-limited, autism,nutritional,Comprehensive


Children and adults with autism often have self-limited diets with insufficient intake of vegetables, fruit, protein, and essential fatty acids. Also, due to metabolic differences, they often need additional nutritional support. This presentation will summarize the positive results of several randomized clinical trials of a special vitamin/mineral/micronutrient supplement for autism, and the positive results of a comprehensive nutritional support study involving vitamins/minerals/micronutrients, fish oil, Epsom salts, carnitine, digestive enzymes, and a healthy allergen-free diet. The results of those studies resulted in the ANRC Guidelines for Comprehensive Nutritional Support, available from the Autism Nutrition Research Center


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