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Application of JIT on Materials and Labor Management of Construction Site

Authors: Seyed Amir Hossein, Adil Al Tamimi, Ghanim Kashwani

Journal:  Emirati Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications

Volume: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords: Just in time for construction, planning, and improving performance


In the Just In Time (JIT) management process, planning should be carried out in a way that provides an optimum fit between the tools, the workers and technical laborers, and the management. Planning should enable all the parties involved to coordinate themselves with the design and production system, based on the understanding that the service and production systems require knowledge to facilitate the implementation of the Just In Time production system. Just In Time production systems are implemented for the purpose of optimizing the production process and creating efficiencies through waste reduction both in terms of materials and processes. In short, the JIT production system is a process that optimizes both products and services in terms of quantity, timing, and materials. Based on the above, the aim of this project is to understand the effectiveness of implementing the JIT production system in the construction sector. The survey method has been implemented to find the site base result. The main hypothesis of this project is, there is a positive relation between JIT and improved construction project efficiency. Research, surveys, and questionnaires were used to assess the independent and dependent variables. Sample of 100 managers, engineers, laborers, and planners in the field was randomly reached and researched. Samples and questionnaires were answered and prepared. The effects of the Just In Time production system in construction were tested using statistical tests including the chi-square test for the presence or absence of a positive relationship. The results of the studies show that there is a significant relation between skills and proficiency and the overall JIT concept for reaching the goal of a more efficient construction site and pattern.


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