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Evaluating the dynamic interaction between the defence / security policy of the US, UN, and Western Sahara

Authors: Sultan saif Mohammed
Journal: International Journal Of Civilizations Studies & Tolerance Sciences
Volume: Vol 1 Issue 1
Keywords: Security, western Sahara, US,UN


The Western Sahara region has been a source of complex political dispute between Morocco and other parties regarding its control. This issue arose subsequent to the decolonization era, and it is obvious that the process of decolonization has encountered various challenges throughout history. Despite the various approaches proposed by global leaders to address such issues and mitigate potential conflicts that could jeopardize regional security, certain methods such as mandates or the exercise of self-determination may be considered. The issue of Western Sahara has an extensive history of disputes and contentions among three primary parties: The Kingdom of Morocco, Mauritania, and the Polis Ario Front. Each of these parties has advanced claims over Western Sahara that align with their respective interests. On the other hand, the territorial dispute garnered the attention of various key players, including the United Nations and Spain, the former colonizer of the region, among others (“Western Sahara | Facts, History, Conflict, Map, & Population,” 2023). This study will centre on the interplay between the defence and security policies of the United States and the United Nations in this multifaced issue.


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