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Formulation of construction equipment replacement and retrofitting strategies for emission reduction

Authors: Zhenhua HUANG

Journal: 38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2021.

Keywords: Construction Equipment Emissions Replacing And Retrofitting Optimization Model Emissions Reduction Cost-Effectiveness


It Is Widely Considered That The Problem Of Extensive Emissions From Construction Equipment Is One Of The Main Threats To Human Health. Thus, Owners Of Construction Equipment Must Formulate Proper Replacing And Retrofitting Strategies To Reduce Emissions With Resource Constraints. Therefore, This Study Proposes An Optimization Model To Help Owners Of Construction Equipment To Formulate Proper Replacing And Retrofitting Strategies, By Employing The Theory Of Integer Linear Programming (ILP). This Optimization Model Incorporates Environmental Considerations Into Their Decision Making, Which Can Minimize The Sum Of The Economic And Environmental Costs Associated With Purchasing New Construction Equipment, Salvaging And Retrofitting Old In-Use Construction Equipment, and Operating Construction Equipment Over The Period Of Analysis. The Replacing And Retrofitting Strategies Formulated By Using The Optimization Model Can Also Ensure The Achievement Of The Emission Reduction Target Of Making The Overall Emission Level Of Construction Equipment Fleets At Or Under A Certain Level. This Study Also Demonstrates The Applicability Of The Proposed Model Through A Case Study, Which Suggests That The Proposed Model Can Make Informed Strategies Of Replacing And Retrofitting For The Case Excavator Fleet. It Is Observed That The Requirements Of Various Environmental Regulations And Incentive Initiatives Do Impact The Making Of Replacing And Retrofitting Strategies And Pose A Financial Burden On Owners Of Construction Equipment. Moreover, This Study Suggests That Governments Can Also Adjust Subsidy Grant Levels To Allocate The Responsibility Of Reducing Emissions From Construction Between Governments And Owners Of Construction Equipment.

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