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Exploring Dynamic Performance Potential from A Synthetic Perspective

Authors: Dr. Alejandro Veas

Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Optimal Academic Performance, Contextual Positions in Research Cross-Country, Comparative Analysis


Today, optimal academic performance is one of the fundamental goals of all countries, as it enables social and economic advancement. If in the 20th century research focused on a cognitive xperspective, the current century has moved towards contextual positions in which multiple variables are included in mediational and conditional models. Traditionally, these research strategies have been directed towards identifying process for detecting talented students and improving their potential. However: Are these strategies consistent across countries? In other words: is it possible to implement common strategies in different countries beyond cultural aspects? In this presentation, starting from the importance of bias, synthetic strategies are detailed from the implementation of applied statistical models. Specifically, the relationships between contextual, motivational, and cognitive variables in curricular and competency performance are analysed with data from different countries. Cross-country comparative process shows how talent-enhancing strategies can be planned from an individual and systemic perspective.

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