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Examining the correlation between walking patterns and student academic outcomes.

Authors:  Fouad Zakraoui
Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Education And Literatures
Volume: Vol 2 Issue 1
Keywords: Classroom management, Problem Walk, Social theory, Social Learning


The aim of this study is to provide educational actors with alternative teaching practices and planning perspectives. We aim to establish this through our quest to answer an odd, yet plausible question. During our investigation, we learnt that the demonstration of “Problem Walk” may be used as an indicator to anticipate students’ academic performance degradation. We selected 30 students who exhibit signs of a “problem walk,” looked up for their records and prepared a dossier to examine. The results showed that 80% of students who demonstrated “problem walk” appeared to have weak academic performance. The findings revealed that students who walk in the same way have had a history of troubled relationships with their teachers in addition to their low school performance.


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