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Genetic Frontiers in Autism: Unveiling New Paths for Diagnosis and Intervention

Authors: Dr. Noraldin Al-Deri
Conference:  Autism Challenges and Solutions – XII 2024
Keywords: globally,developmental disorders,developmental challenges,autism,Diagnosis


In this ground-breaking study, we unveil the first diagnostic protocol that leverages genetic testing for autism and developmental disorders in children. By meticulously analyzing genetic data from a cohort of 245 children with diverse developmental profiles, including neurotypical individuals, our research has revealed significant genetic underpinnings for various symptoms. Remarkably, the identification of preventable mutations suggests new avenues for intervention, emphasizing the critical role of non-heritable mutations in developmental challenges. The study provides novel insights into prevalent mutations regionally and globally, illustrating the impact of genetics on pediatric development. Supported by real-world case studies, our findings highlight the transformative potential of early genetic diagnosis in managing and potentially eradicating symptoms, marking a significant advancement towards personalized medicine in the field of pediatric developmental disorders.


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