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Towards A Distributed Intelligent Home Based On Smart Furniture For China’s Aging Population: A Survey

Authors: Rongbo Hu

Journal:  International Journal Of Automation And Digital Transformation Vol 1 Issue 1, ( 2022 ) ISARC2020

Publication Date: Nov 2021

Keywords: Chinese Older Adults Distributed Intelligent Home Gerontechnology Population Aging Smart Furniture Survey


Population Aging Is One Of The Major Challenges Facing The World. In Particular, The Advent Of China’s Aging Society Caused By Various Factors Will Be A Major Threat To Its Future Development. Therefore, Serious Measures Need To Be Taken To Achieve Its Demographic Sustainability. Smart Furniture Can Be Considered As A Novel Subcategory Of Gerontechnology. One Of The Main Outcomes Of The EU-Funded REACH Project Was A Variety Of Smart Furniture Named Personalized Intelligent Interior Units (PI2Us) Which Served As The Key Component Of A Distributed Intelligent Home To Promote The Health And Activity Level Of Older Adults. This Outcome Can Potentially Be A Solution To Mitigate The Consequences Caused By Population Aging. In Order To Understand The Attitudes And Opinions Of Chinese Older Adults Towards The Relevant Technologies, The Authors Conducted An Opinion Survey Using The PI2Us As An Example, Which Sampled More Than 380 Older Adults In 26 Out Of 34 Provincial-Level Administrative Divisions Of China. The Survey Showed That Chinese Older Adults In General Have A Highly Positive Attitude Towards Smart Furniture And Smart Home Technologies. Several Other Insights Also Can Be Revealed From The Survey. Based On Further Analyses, The Paper Summarized Why The Elderly-Oriented Smart Furniture And Distributed Intelligent Home Has The Potential To Thrive In China’s Market Soon. Finally, A Three-Year Project Action Plan For Implementing Localized Solutions In Cooperation With A Large Chinese Furniture Manufacturer Was Presented.

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