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AutismASD Treatment Procedure, A Aaturopathic & Quantum Approach

Conference:  Autism. Challenges & Solutions

Journal: Emirati Journal of Future Medicine and Science

Publication Date: Vol 1 Issue 1

Keywords:  Autism, Disorder, Early Intervention, Genetic Factors, Conditions, Adaptive Skills


Autism/ ASD is the result of partial or total loss of balance in the functions and the controlling systems of the body’s natural performance at different levels and therefore, the treatment requires a holistic and comprehensive approach in understanding and resolving the causes of the imbalances. We call them “the negative factors”. Hence, the new treatment for autism and ASD is focused on the recognition and then, the correction of the imbalances.

The original trigger of such imbalances is nothing but a state of severe toxicity (blood, body fluid) which overcomes the body’s ability for detoxification and as a result, it will damage the cellular structures (cell membranes) and the functions, including the brain and the nervous system, as well as the linings of the gut (digestive tract). Therefore, autism by itself is NOT a disease, but the state of perfused malfunctions.

Since the causes of imbalances, the negative factors, remain mostly hidden and many are not recognisable by ordinary laboratory measurements, the techniques of Quantum (physics) science and technology in medicine are utilized in recognising them, based on assessment and evaluation of frequencies (energy signals) of the person at both the matter and the non-matter state. It is similar to the “Emoto effects” (on water). When the hidden factors are determined, a special set of orders is placed to not only rectify the current environmental factors affecting the health/ balance (including allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, mental and emotional factors and so on), but also to correct the damages in the structure of the organs and systems of the body, to as much and as deep as possible. For that, a unique group of high-quality natural remedies and formulas (food-based) are used which also affect the information system of the body (the energy) along with the physical inquiries. To achieve that, the supplements are created from the highest quality ingredients and additionally, they are also charged with quantum signals to impact the body’s energy system.

The treatment is safe and effective with no harm. The results, however, strongly depend on the cooperation of the parents/ caregivers to follow up with the final instructions. That included the dietary advice and the correct follow up with the prescription. Improvements are guaranteed!

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