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Development Of Novel Hemostatic Biomaterial For Fast Injury Treatment

Author(s): Houcine ZianiHoucine Ziani

Conference: Dubai One Health Conference

Publication Date: 23 June, 2023

Keywords:  Biocomposite, Chitosan, Hemostasis, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Wound Healing


Traffic Accidents Alone Were Reportedly Accounting For 40.000 Injuries And More Than 1100 Death Toll During 2022 In Algeria [1]. No Data Are Available With Regard To Other Professional Or Occasional Wounds Leading To Serious Bleeding Which May Eventually Cause A Life-Threatening Trauma. Thus, Urgent Need For Highly Potent Hemostatic Device, Readily Available Over The Counter Or For The Technically Qualified Agents Involved In Public Health Care Is Of Utmost Priority. Efficient And Highly Potent Hemostatic Biopolymer Based Composites Were Reported In The Literature [2, 4]. However, A Severe Lack Of These Devices On The Local Market Prompted Us To Embark On A Development Program Of New Hemostatic Biocomposites Using A Powerful Combination Of Widely Known Biopolymers Such As Chitosan And Hydroxyethyl Cellulose As Well As Other Plants Bestowed With Special Virtues And Traditionally Known For Their Hemostatic And Wound Healing Properties. The Composite Material Was Developed In A Versatile Delivery Form Such As Powder, Film Or Gel Depending On The Nature And Size And Depth Of The Notch. The Preparation And Characterization Of The New Biocomposite Are Presented.

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