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The Red Meat Industry In Dubai Through A One Health Lens

Author(s): Essam AlHashemi

Conference: Dubai One Health Conference

Publication Date: 23 June, 2023

Keywords:  One Health


Red Meat Is An Important Source Of Animal Protein And Bioavailable Micronutrients In The Emirate Of Dubai And Is One Of The 21 Strategic Food Items Named In The United Arab Emirates’ Food Security Strategy. Local Production Is Very Limited Due To The Lack Of Agricultural Land And The Scarcity Of Fresh Water, Therefore Chilled And Frozen Red Meat And Live Sheep, Goats And Cattle Are Imported From Many Different Parts Of The World. The Aim Of This Paper Is To Examine The Existing Red Meat Supply Networks And Markets In Dubai And Understand The Flow Of Fresh Red Meat From The Local Markets And The Shipment Dynamics For Imported Chilled And Frozen Red Meat Under The One Health Concept. Suggested Recommendations For Actions That Could Be Taken By The Dubai Government To Ensure An Optimal Supply Of Red Meat That Meets Both Food And Nutrition Security And Environmental Requirements In Line With Dubai’s Commitment To The Sustainable Development Goals.

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