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Inculcating a Culture of Human rights through Music

Authors: Ani Zonneveld
Conference: International Dialogue Of Civilization And Tolerance Conference – Abu Dhabi 2024
Keywords: Music Culture Human Rights Inclusivity Interfaith


Oftentimes the values of a society are expressed through various forms of that society’s culture, whether that be cuisine, language, textiles, music, dance, the arts or religion. In order to address harmful cultural attitudes and practices, including the prejudice so often associated with “the othering” of those across society, it is important to personalize the message of inclusivity and to do so emotionally by moving the heart. The phrase “music is a universal message” offers us insight into what makes humans unique and power that is associated with our creativity, and how we chose to express that creativity. This presentation will feature scientific evidence of the role that music has in healing individuals and communities, with a particular emphasis on the connection of the brain and the heart. Alongside this scientific evidence, personal anecdotes taken directly from the life of the speaker, a human rights activist and Grammy Award winning songwriter will demonstrate the effectiveness of music and songs as a tool for changing the mind through the heart. It is hoped that this presentation will expand individuals’ understanding of the utility of music in advancing dialogue, human rights, and the recognition of each other’s humanity.

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