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International Conference on the Dialogue of Civilization and Tolerance

The International Conference on the Dialogue of Civilization and Tolerance will welcome experts from academia, politics, and other walks of life together to jointly tackle the questions at the core of the Dialogue of Civilizations. The conference will give a clear picture of the many aspects that are involved in a meaningful dialogue of civilizations. It will show that even for those who have been much involved in issues of dialogue, discussions are not always easy, when they touch upon specific values and norms. It will also show that if there is agreement among all parties involved that it is better to talk than to fight each other, dialogue is possible and leads to new and creative solutions to the common problems facing mankind.

ICDCT will explore the Dialogue of Civilizations from various perspectives, such as promoting dialogue among civilizations, lessons from history, multicultural society and cultural transformation, perspectives from Asia, universality versus Particularity? understanding different civilizations, political aspects of the Dialogue among civilizations, etc.

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Important Dates
Call of PapersAugust 15, 2024
Initial Abstract Submission DeadlineNovember 30, 2024
Final abstract Submission December 25, 2024
Speaker PowerPoint/PosterJanuary 31, 2025
Submission DeadlineJanuary 31, 2025
Registration DeadlineFebruary 1, 2025
Conference DayFebruary 20-22, 2025
Themes & Topics
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International Journal of Civilizations Studies & Tolerance Sciences

The International Journal of Civilizations Studies & Tolerance Sciences (IJCSATS) provides a forum for scholars from academia, politics, and various sectors to collectively explore the core inquiries central to intercivilizational dialogue. Through its scholarly platform, the journal aims to present a comprehensive analysis of the myriad dimensions involved in fostering meaningful exchanges among civilizations. It recognizes the inherent challenges experienced, even by seasoned participants, when discussions intersect with specific values and norms. Moreover, the journal underscores the importance of consensus among all stakeholders, emphasizing that prioritizing dialogue over conflict can yield innovative solutions to the shared challenges confronting humanity.

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Event Highlights

Type: Physical
Date: 20-21 February 2025
Organized by: Emirates Scholar 
Location: United Arab Emirates
Submission: Online Submission

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