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Are There Natural Cancer Vaccines And Have We Missed Them

Conference: 4th International Conference In Prophetic Medicine Research

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


Cancer is on the rise to almost an epidemic state. Among its risk factors include obesity, high sugar diet, diabetes, smoking and numerous chemical carcinogens including xeno-estrogens and environmental pollutants. Prevention is better than cure. There are natural ‘vaccines’ which could help us in preventing from getting cancers. The talk will focus on 5 natural cancer vaccines; among these are 1. reducing risk factors, 2. daily exercise, 3. dietary selectiveness on foods that might prevent cancer including adding 4. doses of honey and 5. curcumin in daily diet. The talk will focus at length on recently concluded extensive research on Honey and it anti-cancer properties. The research showed honey has great potential to be used as preventive and therapeutic anti-cancer agent. The rate of experimental induced breast cancer progression is reduced in animals in honey treated groups compared to positive control group. The number of tumors developed was reduced and the tumor size were found to be smaller than those not given honey. The histological grading was also better. The mechanism by which honey exerts cancer-preventive and cancer-therapeutic effects is multifold; through improvement of immunological, hematological, serological response and by activation of the apoptotic mechanism pathway. The pro-apoptotic proteins are up-regulated and the anti-apoptotic proteins are down regulated.

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