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Effect of Macroeconomic indicators on Financial Inclusion: A Study of EAGLES Economies

Authors: Dr. Mohamad Saad El Dine Knio, Dr Hassan Houmani

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Business, Economics And Social Studies

Volume: Vol 3 Issue 1

Keywords: Saudi Arabia, Stock Market Behavior, Economic growth, Economic Development, Oil Industry, JEL Classifications: O16, E1, F43,G


The relationship between stock market development and economic growth has been a subject of debate, with arguments centered on the impact of a well-functioning stock market on economic growth. This study argues that economic growth is influenced by stock market development and economic reform indicators, while controlling for other determinants of growth. The research employs a comprehensive theoretical framework linking stock market development to economic growth, and it specifically focuses on the Tadawul stock market in Saudi Arabia. The empirical analysis, using sophisticated panel data econometric techniques, reveals a significant positive correlation between Tadawul stock market and economic growth, particularly in the oil sector. This suggests that the Tadawul stock market plays a crucial role in influencing and contributing to economic growth, especially within the context of the oil industry


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