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Mawhiba Gifted Journey: An Accelerator towards the New Era

Authors: Dr. Saud bin Saeed Bin Abdulaziz AlMathami
Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Talent Development, 5th Industrial Revolution, Digital Culture Gap


In the era of AI minds that exceed humans in speed, problem solving, and fast learning algorithms, there is a pressing need for integrative, innovative, and hybrid minds to form super intelligent brains for an/the unpredictable future. this paper aims at highlighting the digital era that has a great impact on preparing gifted individuals to become active contributors to humanity for the purpose of understanding its characteristics, observing its challenges, and paving the way for talent development as human capital for the forthcoming 5th industrial revolution using Mawhiba 5Es Model. ree main features depicted this era. the first feature is the increasing exponential growth of acceleration between generations and industrial revolutions which demands more innovation from the gifted and creative minds. e second feature is the digital culture gap among decision-makers and newer generations, which is leading to differences in the “knowledge, attitude, and practice”. the third feature is the digital technology advancement in AI, which is creating great enthusiasm toward future development among the new generations and cyberworld. this paper highlights Mawhiba gifted journey “5Es Model” that adopts early identification and nurturing of gifted students in STEM fields and employs a constructive system-based approach to develop students’ potentials through continuum services: Exploratory, Empowerment, Excellence, Engagement, and Enablement that ensures maximum return on investment for countries. e paper exemplifies the alignment of talent development portfolios, global challenge, and emerging economies. It opens doors for unanswered questions and unresolved ethical, pragmatics, trust, and integration issues.

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