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Evidence-Based Development and Implementation of Educational Interventions for Educational Practice: Self-Regulated Learning With Gifted Learners as a Case in Point

Authors: Dr. Heidrun Stoeger
Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Self-Regulated Learning, Research Designs, Effectiveness Measures


The presentation summarizes aspects that are important when conceptualizing, developing, and implementing effective pedagogical concepts. As a case in point, the discussion will focus on a paradigmatic pedagogical intervention with great promise for gifted and talented education: self-regulated learning. The presentation will unfold in five steps. First, I will illustrate the development of a pedagogical intervention based on a review of theory and empirical evidence. Second, I will describe important aspects of creating research designs capable of assessing the effectiveness of pedagogical interventions. third, I will show how important it is to consider a broad array of effectiveness measures. Fourth, I will describe what researchers and practitioners can do to ensure that the pedagogical interventions they offer students are of lasting benefit for their students.

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