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Introduction to Enrichment in Schools

Authors: Dr. Sadiq A. A. Ismail
Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: School Enrichment, Enrichment Programs, Effective Enrichment Experiences


Enrichment represents the provision of experiences, services, and activities to extend the breadth, depth, and complexity of a school regular curriculum. The main purpose of a school enrichment program is to help students and/or gifted students enhance their potentials, gifts/talents, and be successful at schools and in their life in the future. this introductory workshop is intended to introduce the concept of school enrichment, and familiarize the participants with multiple options of enrichment, including the schoolwide enrichment model. e workshop was prepared and structured to be presented in an interactive mode. Participants will be encouraged to interact with the presenter and with other fellow participants during both large and small group activities. Briefly, participants will be exposed to enrichment experiences through questioning techniques, cooperative learning, self-reflection, and hand-on-the-work experience. At the end of this presentation participants will demonstrate awareness, knowledge, and ability to identify effective enrichment experiences and opportunities.

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