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Twice-Exceptional Children: When Giftedness Meets Challenges

Authors: Sarah Awad
Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Giftedness and ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Disorders, Giftedness and Specific Learning Disorders


In this workshop, participants will learn what we mean when we talk about students identified as “twice-exceptional” (2e). Attendees will be introduced to frequently observed characteristics of 2e, as well as to possible combinations of giftedness and behavioral problems within the 2e demographic. e workshop is structured in two parts: During the first part, we provide a brief basic introduction to the classification and identification of learning and behavioral disorders. We will primarily focus on ADHD, specific learning disorders, and autism spectrum disorder. In part two, we will combine the topic of learning and behavioral problems with giftedness, by introducing the topic of 2e. We will focus on combinations of giftedness and ADHD, giftedness and specific learning disorders, and giftedness and autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, possible intervention methods for parents and teachers will be discussed.

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