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Vision-based Precast Concrete Management Plan in Off-Site Construction Site: Using PC Member Quality Grades

Authors: Soonwook Kwon

Journal: 38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2021.

Keywords: Precast Concrete Off-Site Construction Status Information Tracking Information Management


As A Product Of Commercialization In Prefabricated Buildings, The Information Of The Whole Life Cycle Of Precast Concrete (PC) Is An Important Basis For Product Quality Traceability And Progress Control. During The Stage Of Production, Transportation, Storage, And Installation, Some Quality Problems Inevitably Appear On the PC, And According To The Degree Of Damage, There Are Different Procedures To Handle The PC. In Case Of A PC Is Slightly Damaged, It Can Still Be Used In The Subsequent Installation And Will Not Produce a Quality Impact On The Building Structure; While If The Damage Is Serious, Then The PC Is Needed To Be Repaired Before Using In Construction. Therefore, The Tracking Of the Status Information Of PC Becomes Particularly Important. This Paper Presents A Status Information Management Method For PC From Production In The Factory, Loading, And Transportation To Temporary Storage And Installation On The Construction Site. The System Model Of PC Information Management In The Installation Stage Of The Construction Site Is Established By Giving Each Component An Identity And Then Using The Image Recognition Based On Quick Response Code (QR Code), So As To Achieve The Purpose Of Prior Quality Inspection And Information Traceability. In The Future Research, PC Will Have Visible Changes Of Stage And Traceable Historical Information, Just Like Commodities On The Market.

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