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Case Study On The Application Of Deep Learning To Network Intruder Detection

Authors:   Chithik Raja Mohamed

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Policing And Security Studies

Publication Date: Vol 2 Issue 1


Deep Learning, Intruder Detection System, Deep Neural Network, Threshold, Auto Encoder, Anomaly Detection, Host-Based Intruder


Deep Learning Has Seen Considerable Success In Several Application Sectors. Unfortunately, Little Research Has Been Done On Its Efficacy In The Context Of Network Intrusion Detection. This Article Includes Case Studies That Use Deep Learning To Identify Network Anomalies Both Supervised And Unsupervised. It Has Been Demonstrated That Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) Outperform Current Machine Learning-Based Intrusion Detection Systems In The Presence Of Shifting IP Addresses. We Also Demonstrate How Auto Encoders Can Support Network Anomaly Detection.


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