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Fabrication Of A Truss-Like Beam Casted With 3D Printed Clay Moulds

Authors: Sébastien Maitenaz

Journal: 38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2022

Keywords:  Digital Fabrication Clay Printing Reinforced Concrete Structural Optimisation


The Advent Of Reinforced Concrete (RC) At The Beginning Of The XXth Century Fostered The Industrialisation Of Construction. Indeed, For The First Time Machines Such As Mixers Appeared On The Worksites. Strangely, RC Construction Is Now Probably More Artisanal Than Steel Or Wood Construction. Current Technics Raise Questions About The Security Of Workers, The Quality And The Control Of The Work Carried Out. Automation Can, In Particular, Help Tackle These Challenges. In This Study, We Developed A Digital Process For The Fabrication Of Truss-Like Beams. Clay Moulds Are 3D Printed And Serve As A Formwork For The Cavities Of The Beam. The Fabrication Of A Three-Meter-Long Beam Saving 30% Of Concrete And Eurocode-Compliant Is Thoroughly Described In The Paper. A Detailed Evaluation Of The Process Is Then Provided And Future Improvements Are Suggested.

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