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Modeling and Control of Multi-Units Robotic System: Boom Crane and Robotic Arm

Authors: Michele Ambrosino

Journal: 38th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2021.

Keywords: Cooperative Control Robotics Multi-Robot Systems Lyapunov Methods Holonomic Constraints


Robotic Solutions For The Construction Industry Are Attracting The Attention Of Researchers And Of The Market. Among The Various Technologies, Robotic Bricklaying Promises To Become A Disruptive Technology. However, Most Of The Solutions Proposed So Far Resulted To Be Inefficient And Did Not Pass The Prototype Status. One Of The Main Problems Is That Most Proposed Solutions Adopt The Classic Assumption Of ‘Rigid Robot’ Which Results In Large Weight Of The Robots \Textit{W.R.T.} The Loads It Is Able To Manipulate. In This Paper, We Propose And Analyze An Innovative Bricklaying Concept Based On Two Robotic Sub-Units: A ‘Non-Rigid Crane Which Cooperates With A Lightweight Rigid Robot. The Correct Cooperation Between The Two Robotic Sub-Units Poses A Series Of Control Challenges That Must Be Studied In The Context Of Cooperative Manipulation Of A Object. In This Paper, We Will First Derive The Mathematical Model Of This Robotic System During The Positioning Of The Block. Then A Control Law Will Be Proposed. The Goal Of The Control Is To Move The Common Payload (I.E. The Block To Be Placed) To The Desired Position While Making Sure The Robotic Arm Is Never Overloaded. The Corresponding Stability And Convergence Analysis Is Proved Using The LaSalle’s Invariance Principle. A Physical And Realistic CAD-Based Simulator Of The Overall System Has Been Developed And Will Be Used To Demonstrate The Feasibility Of The Concept.

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