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Interactive GUI for Advanced Visualization and Volume Rendering of MRI Data: A MATLAB-Based Approach

Authors: Noora Saeed Alhajeri
Journal:  International Journal Of Applied Technology In Medical Sciences
Volume: Vol 3 Issue 1
Keywords: MATLAB GUI, MRI visualization, Volume rendering, Medical imaging, Intensity Projection, Isosurface.


This paper presents the development and evaluation of a graphical user interface (GUI) for visualizing and volume rendering MRI volumetric data using MATLAB. The GUI incorporates various techniques such as Maximum Intensity Projection, Minimum Intensity Projection, Isosurface, Slice Planes, Gradient Opacity, Orthogonal Slice View, and Slice View to enhance the usability of the system for different viewing styles. The project aims to facilitate the visualization of MRI data for clinical staff, offering functionalities to load abdominal, brain tumor, and heart images and apply desired visualization techniques. Through MATLAB code and the GUI, the project successfully achieved the desired results, meeting the expectations outlined in the project objectives. Challenges encountered during GUI design were addressed, and potential areas for improvement and future research were identified. The paper highlights the significance of the developed GUI in modern medicine, emphasizing its potential to improve diagnostics, treatment planning, and medical education. Overall, this project contributes valuable insights into MATLAB GUI development and its applications in medical imaging, laying the groundwork for further advancements in this field.


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