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Knowledge And Perception Of Health Employees To One Health In Sudan

Author(s): Adil Salman

Conference: Dubai One Health Conference

Publication Date: 23 June, 2023

Keywords:  One Health, One Health Approach, Interdisciplinary Interactions


One Health Is A Multidisciplinary Approach Addressing Complex Health Challenges. Numerous Health Challenges In Sudan Are Better Addressed If Conceptualized From A One Health Approach. A Clear Example Of This Is The Emerging And Endemic Diseases Of Animal Origin That Are Spread In Sudan. These Are Mainly Affected By The Close Contact Between Humans And Animals In Shelters And Around Water Sources; Clean And Safe Water Is A Problem In Many Parts Of The Country. The Implementation Of The One Health Approach In Sudan Is Faced With Many Obstacles. These Include The Lack Of Clarity About The Concept And The Preference Of Different Stakeholders To Work Separately. With The View That The Employees Of The Health Concerned Ministries Will Take The Lead In Formulating Health Policies And Programs To Improve Populations’ Health, A Questionnaire Was Designed To Examine The Extent Of Their Understanding Of The Concept Of One Health. Also, It Aimed To Assess Their Knowledge Of The Scope Of The Work It Covers. 400 Employees From Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Animal Resources And The Higher Committee Of Environment Were Randomly Selected. More Than 60% Were Unaware Of The Concept Of One Health, While More Than 70% Were Uninformed Of The One Health Scope. 30% Rated The One Health Initiative As Very Important. The Majority Of Respondents Were Very Interested In Activities Involving Interdisciplinary Interactions. The Failure To Emphasize The Importance Of The One Health Approach In The Curricula Of Most Health Schools In Sudan Universities Contributes Greatly To The Weakness Of Understanding The One Health Approach’s Importance In The Country.

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