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Feeding Behavior. To Be Effective The Approach Requires A Behaviorist And Nutritionist For Best Results

Conference:  Autism. Challenges & Solutions

Journal: International Journal Of Applied Technology In Medical Sciences

Publication Date: Vol 2 Issue 1

Keywords:  Autism, Disorder, Early Intervention, Genetic Factors, Conditions, Adaptive Skills


Currently the ASD is considered as the expression of a specific pathological process which, starting from polygenetic factors and only to a small extent identified.

On a genetic level there are several scientific evidence that the genetic component has a relevant causal role, while placing itself in a multifactorial perspective

The interaction between genes and the environment that plays an important role in the manifestations of signs and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In the face of greater vulnerability individual due to genetic mutations, certain environmental conditions may contribute to the onset of spectrum symptoms.

Either way, the scientific literature there it provides little data on which environmental factors can

significantly engage on individual genetic vulnerabilities.

For nutrition and food selectivity and metabolism we must agree that there is a genetic predisposition. In fact, in the food selection and preferences there is a sex correlation between boys and girls, even towards the presence of food hypersensitivity or intolerance.

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