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Heutagogy and Digital Media: An Exploration into the Digital Migration

Authors: Hassan Marrie
Conference: The 1st Media Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
Keywords: Self-Directed Learning, Digital migration, Media Democratization


Media technology in smartphones and tablets, enables the integration of innovations such as immersive realities. Innovation in mobile media may heighten the chances of problem-solving and skill acquisition for learners (Hernawan et al., 2022). Kugler (2017) predicted that this will be at the forefront of mobile learning. Taking a media studies approach, this paper addresses the question of how Heutagogy in mobile media facilitates and diverse the engagement of learners. Classical studies have restricted communication in learning in direct interaction between the knowledge provider and the learner in a fixed physical location, known as Pedagogy. In a postcovid- world, mobile media apps offer features that may extend the horizon of engagement. This transformation in learners’ autonomy from Andragogy to Heutagogy, may pave the way for alternative possibilities in transforming the learning experience.

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