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Challenges and Strategies in Translating Newly Coined English Words and Expressions into Arabic in Media Context: A Comprehensive Review.

Authors: Faiza Mohamed Tabib
Conference: The 1st Media Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
Keywords: Arabization, media, neology, newly coined words, translation


In this fast-evolving world, new words and lexicons emerge in spoken and written discourse, necessitating a continual update of one’s reservoir of vocabulary and linguistic knowledge. The rapid proliferation of neologisms in the media context poses a unique challenge for novice translators, where conventional translation strategies may fall short in capturing the essence, connotations, and usage of innovative terms. This paper examines the difficulties faced by novice translators in the media context in translating these neologisms and explores research-based strategies for overcoming these challenges. Through an in-depth examination of existing literature, relevant studies, and classroom practices, this research seeks to inform pedagogical practices and enhance the effectiveness of translation education at the university level.

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