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Anticancer, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant And Anti-Angiogenic Activities Of Diosgenin Isolated From Costus Speciosus (Koen.)

Conference: 4th International Conference In Prophetic Medicine Research

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


Costus speciosus is an important medicinal plant widely used in several indigenous medicinal formulations. The present study was conducted to evaluate the in vitro anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-angiogenic activities of diosgenin isolated from C. speciosus (Koen.) Sm. The diosgenin isolated from C. speciosus by HPTLC. The results indicated that the treatment of HepG2 cells with the sample resulted in a cytotoxic effect as concluded from the IC50 value 32.62 μg/ml, while the treatment of MCF-7 cells resulted in high inhibition in the cell viability, and resulted in an IC50 value of 11.03μg/ ml. The levels of DR4 and caspase-3 were significantly increased (P <0.01) in MCF-7 cells treated with the tested sample compared to untreated cells. Also, the results demonstrated that LPS stimulated TNF-α generation in RAW 264.7 macrophages culture supernatant up to 3.7-fold of the control and that diosgenin treatment (50 μg/mL) resulted in a highly significant inhibitory effect on LPS-stimulated TNF-α (P<0.01) in a similar manner to methotrexate inhibitory effect. The diosgenin possessed an effective antioxidant scavenging affinity against DPPH radicals as compared with the standard antioxidant activity of vitamin C. The results presented here may suggest that diosgenin isolated from C. speciosus possess anticancer, apoptotic and inhibitory effects on cell proliferation.

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