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Implementation Of A Robotic System For Overhead Drilling Operations: A Case Study Of The Jaibot In The UAE

Authors:  Xinghui Xu

Journal: International Journal Of Automation And Digital Transformation.

Publication Date:  Vol 1 Issue 1, ( 2021 )

Keywords: Project Management Framework, Productivity, Semi-Autonomous Drilling Operations, Construction Robots


The Use Of Robots Has Typically Improved Workers’ Health And Safety And Increased Productivity And Quality In Manufacturing. Current Advances In Robotic And Computer Technology, Combined With BIM, Have Led To New Applications In Construction. However, There Is No General Framework To Guide The Implementation Of Robots Under Current Construction Working Schemes. Many Questions And Challenges Need To Be Answered And Overcome Before Robots Can Be Economically And Safely Introduced To Construction Sites. Some Questions Include: 1) How Does It Affect The Planning And Workflow Of Related Activities? 2) What Are The Implications Regarding Health & Safety, And Quality? 3) What Is The Best Way To Assess The Viability Of Introducing Robots Onsite? 4) What Are The Organizational Implications Of Using Such Systems? Still, There Is Plenty Of Work To Do When Considering Common Project Management Elements When Using Robots. To Assist With That, This Paper Presents A Case Study In Which ALEC Used The Jaibot Robot By Hilti For The Overhead Drilling Work Related To Installing The MEP Systems At The One Za’abeel Project In Dubai. In Addition To The Traditional Analyses For Changes To Workflow, Productivity, Health & Safety, And Quality, As Well As The Implications To The Schedule And Cost Of The Tasks Carried On By The Robotic System, This Study Proposes A Project Management Framework To Help Contractors Better Prepare For The Introduction Of Robotic Systems Into Their Projects When Similar Scenarios Arise. In Addition, This Study Gives An Insight Into Human-Robot Interaction Experiences In Real Construction Projects.


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