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Modeling And Control Of Electrical Model Of PV Module

Authors: Zeina Bahij

Journal:  International Journal Of Automation And Digital Transformation

Publication Date: Vol 1 Issue 2, ( 2022 )

Keywords:  Photovoltaic System, Solar Model, Voltage Open Circuit, Short Circuit Current, Maximum Power Point Tracking, Boost Converter.


The Use Of Green Energy Has Been Of Wide Interest In Recent Decades. Photovoltaic Systems Are Used To Convert Sunlight Into Electric Energy. In This Paper, An Electrical Model Of The Photovoltaic System Is Presented. Parameters From Datasheet Of A Photovoltaic System, I(V) And P(V) Characteristics Plot Are Used To Calculate The Exact Series And Shunt Resistances. Several Experiments In Smart Energy Lab Of Rochester Institute Of Technology Dubai Campus Were Performed To Validate The PV Electrical Model. This Model Was Controlled Using Converter With Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) For A Stabilized Connection To A Microgrid.


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