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Rare Case Of Urogenital Brucellosis: Importance Of Early Detection And One Health Approach

Author(s): Djalila Tliba

Conference: Dubai One Health Conference

Publication Date: 23 June, 2023

Keywords:  Urogenital Brucellosis, Zoonosis, One Health.


This Work Presents A Rare Case Of Urogenital Brucellosis Specifically Orchitis, In A 36-Year-Old Man, Emphasizing The Importance Of Early Detection And Treatment. Brucellosis, A Zoonotic Reportable Disease Caused By Genus Brucella Bacteria, Poses Significant Public Health Challenges. The Patient Exhibited Symptoms Such As Fever, Chills, Night Sweats, And Testicular Pain, Which Led To A Diagnosis Of Brucellosis Confirmed Through Serological Tests And Ultrasound. Swift Administration Of Antibiotics Resulted In Notable Clinical And Laboratory Improvements, With No Relapse Or Complications Observed During The Two-Year Follow-Up Period. The Case Highlights The Need For Timely Recognition And Appropriate Management Of Urogenital Brucellosis. Healthcare Professionals Should Be Aware Of The Potential Manifestations Of The Disease, Even In Uncommon Presentations Like Orchitis. Early Diagnosis And Treatment Play A Crucial Role In Preventing Complications And Achieving Positive Outcomes For Patients. Additionally, Our Work Underscores The Significance Of A One Health Approach, Emphasizing Collaboration Between Human, Animal, And Environmental Health Sectors. Preventive Measures, Including Proper Hygiene Practices, Biosafety Precautions, And Avoiding The Consumption Of Unpasteurized Dairy Products, Are Crucial For Mitigating The Transmission Of Brucellosis. Heightened Awareness, Health Education, And Adherence To Occupational Safety Measures Among At-Risk Individuals, Such As Livestock Farmers, Are Essential For Effective Prevention Strategies. In Conclusion, This Case Report Emphasizes The Importance Of Early Detection, Accurate Diagnosis, And Prompt Initiation Of Appropriate Treatment In Managing Urogenital Brucellosis. It Underscores The Need For A Comprehensive One Health Approach To Prevent And Control The Spread Of The Disease, Ensuring Optimal Outcomes For Both Individuals And Communities.

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