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The Necessity of Cybersecurity for Community Safety The Proposal of the Safe Family Program for Educating the Gulf Arab Community on Information Security for Both Students and Parents

Authors: Nabih Abdelmajid

Journal:  International Journal of Information & Digital Security

Volume: Vol 1 Issue 1

Keywords: Cybersecurity Issues, Societal Security Awareness, Information Security


The contemporary landscape of electronic communication technologies is marked by rapid advancement, diverse modalities, and intuitive interfaces, rendering them widely accessible across demographic strata. Notably, the youth cohort, including school students, exhibits a discernible proclivity towards the utilization of social media networks. Regrettably, this escalating adoption lacks the concomitant implementation of requisite competencies for judicious technological engagement. Furthermore, a perceptible dearth of cognizance is observed among students regarding the gravity of information security and the attendant repercussions of its neglect. This lacuna has precipitated a proliferation of cybersecurity issues, including hacking and electronic coercion. Despite instances of adept technological acumen among some students, they remain susceptible to exploitation by cyber adversaries. This discourse underscores the imperative for comprehensive educational initiatives aimed at fostering responsible and secure digital practices among the burgeoning generation of technology users. This study conducted a survey among diverse groups of male and female students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to identify the primary issues leading to their vulnerability to cyber intrusions. The objective was to derive necessary recommendations for their protection while engaging in social network activities. The study elucidated the importance of educating students about the ramifications of unsafe technology use, emphasizing the preservation of their electronic privacy. Furthermore, this study addressed the exploration of the role of parents in safeguarding their offspring from the perils of cyber intrusion and extortion. The study conducted a comparative analysis between numerous families wherein parents and children had the opportunity for appropriate training in the use of these technologies and those families lacking such training. This comparative approach aimed to elucidate the role of parents in shielding their children from electronic intrusions. The findings of the study underscored a critically significant role for parents in protecting their children from electronic threats, even in cases where the offspring possessed a sufficient educational background in handling these new technologies. The researcher proposed an educational initiative aimed at preserving electronic privacy for students, encompassing all categories of public and private education. In addition, a program for parental education was introduced, targeting both mothers and fathers. The objective of this program is to contribute to the elevation of societal security awareness and the protection of children from the imminent dangers posed by electronic threats.


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