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Notions In Prophetic Medicine In Relationship To Regenerative Medicine

Conference: 5th International Conference on Quality and Evidence Based in Prophetic Medicine

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


The Idea Starts After I Read Hadith Of The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, Saying: “The Healing Of The Sciatica, By Drinking Melted Fat From Tail Of (Shah: Sheep) We Studied The Healing Power Of Locally Injected Autologous Fat Micrograft On Sheep Hind Joint To Determine Any Macroscopic And Microscopic Effects Or Changes Compared To Other Similar Non-Injected Joint Of The Same Animal, Which Confirmed Positive Microscopic Effects With Balanced Increase Of The Thickness Of The Articular Hyaline Cartilage Layer With Significant Proliferation Of Chondrocytes Including Deferent Mitosis Stages. After The Successful Regenerative Safe Effects Of Animal Study, Ethical Approval Was Obtained From The Local Research At King Abdelaziz University Hospital Jeddah To Use Fresh Non-Processed Autologous Fat Micro Graft For Management Of Osteoarthritic Joints As Prospective Interventional Clinical Trial Which Was Conducted On 400 Patients, Which Confirmed Regenerative And Reparative Effects On Damaged Osteoarthritic Knee Joints, With Satisfactory Outcome Over 11 Years Indicated That The Reparative Power Of Adipose Tissue Due To Presence Of Heterogeneous Population Of Cells Which Includes, Stem Cells Keratinocyte, Adipose-, Endothelial Cells, Pericytes, Fibroblasts, Contain Hematopoietic-Lineage Cell, Growth Factors And Cytokines, In The View Of Notions In Prophetic Medicine We Will Discuss The Reparative Effects The Use Of Adipose Tissue In Reparative Managements Of Variety Of Diseases.

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