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Stiffness study of a robotic system working on vertical building surfaces in the Construction field

Authors: Elodie PAQUET

Journal: 38th International Symposium On Automation And Robotics In Construction Dubai, UAE.

Publication Date:  Nov 2021.

Keywords: Robotic System Construction Robotics Stiffness Model


The Paper Is Devoted To Robotic In The Construction Field Based On Industrial Robotics. The Main Focus Is Made On A Proper Modelling Of A Robotic System Stiffness And Identification Of Their Parameters For Work On Vertical Walls. The Robotic System Is Composed Of A Vertical Lift System That Can Carry A 200kg Load Including A Doosan Cobot (45kg), Equipment For Tasks To Do, And A Human Operator (80 Kg) For Working At A Height Up To 8-10m. Particular Attention Is Paid To The Robot’s Accuracy While Working Operation (Painting, Insulation Spraying, Facade Cleaning, Etc) And Evaluation Robot Capacity To Perform The Task With Desired Precision Regardless Of The Height Of The Vertical Work. In Contrast To Other Works, The Robot Stiffness Is Evaluated Using A Protocol That Is Based On The Deformation Of The Vertical Lift System. The Developed Approach Is Applied To Find The Best Geometrical Configuration Of The Scissor Lift Next To The Vertical Surface To Be Worked And The Best Position Of the Doosan Cobot On The Platform Lift Taking Into Account The Robot Working Space. The Efficiency Of The Proposed Technique Robotic Solution For The Vertical Task Is Validated By Experimental Study.

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