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Tertiary Students’ Perceptions Of Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback In An ESL Classroom In The UAE

Authors: Elsayed Mahmoud

Journal:  Emirati Journal Of Education And Literatures

Publication Date: Vol 1 Issue 1, ( 2023 )

Keywords:  Feedback- Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback-Classroom Interaction – Writing Tasks – Essays.


Although Academic Writing Is An Essential Skill In Learning, It Has Become An Obstacle For Many Students Who Ultimately Apply For The Academic Test To Enroll In A College. Researchers Thought A Lot About Solving This Issue, So They Have Utilized Corrective Feedback In Classroom Practices Since The 1950s. Researchers Were Divided Into Two Categories: The First Agreed With The Feedback, But The Others Disagreed. Four Debatable Questions Have Emerged. Hartshorn Et Al. (2010) Created The Framework.


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