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Why Networking is Necessary in the Field of Talent Support?

Authors: Csilla Fuszek
Conference: 1st World Giftedness Center International Conference

Keywords: Talent Centres, Network Strategy, Networking in Talent Support


The idea of the European Talent Support Network (ETSN) was articulated in 2011 and it took four more years to officially found the ETSN with the first 14 European Talent Centre in 2015 in the Brussels European Parliament building, in the presence of senior EU officials and MEPs. By 2021 the ETSN has already comprised 26 Centres, including 22 in European countries and 4 in non-European ones and thanks to their mutual work already about 450 Talent Points have joined to it thus ETSN has become the biggest European advocacy group in the field of Talent Support. It became a Dutch registered international civic organisation in 2019. In the lecture network strategy building insights will be shown alongside with steps of the various efforts of the Talents Centres on how to create a living network. What the ETSN has already achieved and the future plans of it will be also introduced. Meanwhile we try to answer the question why networking is necessary in the field of Talent Support and what can be its benefits in the long run.

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