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اتجاهات الصحفيين نحو التزام المعايير المهنية في الصحافة الإلكترونية الخليجية

Authors: Dr. Ibn Ouf Hassan
Conference: The 1st Media Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges
Keywords: electronic journalism


This study aims to identify the factors affecting the professional performance of employees in Gulf electronic journalism. The problem of the study is summed up in the question about the factors influencing the professional performance of employees in electronic journalism. The study aims to examine the technical standards that guide the work of media professionals, their commitment to professional ethical controls, the degree of public confidence in journalistic professionalism translated into electronic journalism, in addition to the changing roles and tasks of journalists. The study uses the survey methodology and relies on a questionnaire form to collect data from a sample of employees in various media agencies in the Gulf countries.

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