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Challenges To The Professionalization And Standardization Of Cupping Therapy – A UK Perspective

Conference: 4th International Conference In Prophetic Medicine Research

Keywords: Prophetic Medicine


Cupping therapy in the United Kingdom has faced various challenges over the last decade. Despite being accepted as an alternative therapy by voluntary regulatory authorities as well as many communities within the UK it still faces scepticism regarding its merits and generalised acceptance. Amongst the obstacles facing standardisation and professionalisation of cupping therapy include variations in practices, differing backgrounds of practitioners delivering the therapy as well as incongruent curricula between training organisations. This has transpired into cases of litigation, namely malpractice and disciplinary matters amongst cupping practitioners.


As the British Cupping Society (BCS) we have endured to tackle the aforementioned issues and challenges. We therefore aim to present an overview of these challenges through discussion of cases and controversies as well as providing an overview of our involvement with public health authorities within the UK. In conclusion we aim to provide a roadmap of solutions and how the current situation can be addressed through further research and collaboration.

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